Skincare Review: Rohto ChuLip Lip Essence – Japanese Lip Balm (Waikiki, Hello Paradise and Paris, Perfect Memories)

Hello all! Today I’ll be reviewing Rohto’s brand-new lip balm line: ChuLip Lip Essence. Someone suggested I try this as an alternative to EOS lip balm, which contains ingredients that may aggravate lip acne. I was immediately sold by the cheerful colours and cute packaging of ChuLip. Even the name is adorable! ChuLip is a play on words in Japanese – it sounds like the Japanese pronunciation of “tulip,” but it’s also a portmanteau of “chu” (sound effect for “kiss” in Japanese) and “lip.” Very clever! My lips get dry and chapped really quickly, especially during winter. I’ve tried every balm out there: Nivea, Carmex, Burt’s Bees…the list goes on. The only things that worked, and I swear I’m being serious, are Vaseline and original flavoured Lip Smackers. So I’m always excited to try out a new lip balm, hoping that I’ll find my holy grail. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ So, did they hold up? Read on.


ChuLip advert with Mariko of AKB48!

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