Nail of the Day: Gyaru-Inspired Vintage Rose Stiletto Nails

Hi all! I made a cute set of floral nails to match my Liz Lisa phone wallpaper, haha~

pinkrose_1 copy

pinkrose_2 copy

pinkrose_3 copy

pinkrose_1 copy

pinkrose_3 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • Base Pink – KIT Playas de Arena
  • Light Pink – OPI Pinking of You
  • Dark Pink – KIT First Kiss
  • Light Green – Etude House #CGR701
  • Dark Green – Essie Sew Psyched
  • Top Coat – Seche Vite
  • Gold chain beads and gold studs

First, I used a dotting tool to put down some big splotches of Pinking of You. Then I used a smaller dotting tool to outline the rose petals using First Kiss. To paint the leaves, I used a Warhammer model painting brush to make a teardrop shape with CGR701. Lastly, I used a mini dotting tool to add shading to the leaves with Sew Psyched. And voila~ vintage rose nails! Then I stuck some gold studs and chain on for extra decoration.

This set is available on my Etsy store. Thanks for reading!

❤ Chelsea

Nail of the Day: Candy Coloured, 80s/90s Inspired Printed Nails

Hi all! If you read my previous post, you’ll know I’m currently trying to  heal and grow my natural nails. So I’ll be showing off lots of press-ons for the next few weeks while my poor fingers recover from years of abuse, haha~

Anyway, today I was doing some spring cleaning this weekend, and I found loads of old 80s/90s clothes that I haven’t seen in ages! Lots of bright prints, neons, pastels, and bold lines (and horrifying denim pantsuits, but I won’t get into that). So I decided to make some cute colourful nails inspired by that era, with a bit of a modern edge.

print_3 copy

ninetiesprint_4 copy

ninetiesprint_2 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • PinkOPI Pinking of You
  • Blue – Etude House #CBL601
  • Pastel Yellow – Etude House #CBE101
  • Purple – China Glaze Sweet Hook
  • Turquoise – China Glaze For Audrey
  • Bright Yellow – Essence Mellow Yellow
  • White – Sally Hansen White On

I used a fine paintbrush to draw the prints, and outlined them using a calligraphy pen and black India ink. Of course I managed to spill the ink all over the table and it got underneath my fingernails. Now I look like a coal miner, hurray…

This set will be available on my etsy store shortly! And as always, thank you for reading!

❤ Chelsea

Day 1 of OPI Nail Envy Treatment!

Hello everyone! So, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted at all in…a whole month! Half of that is because I’m lazy/busy haha~ when I get home from work, I usually have a bunch of orders to fill…add in the everyday tasks and I’m too tired/grumpy to blog. But there’s another reason~ it’s also because I’m trying to give my poor nails a break. Since I’ve worn nail polish every single day for 6 years or so, my nails have gotten in bad shape. Even though I use cuticle oil and lotion every day, my nails and cuticles became bone dry and flaky. I tried to cover up the damage with silk wraps, and tried a billion crappy drugstore products, but they didn’t really get any better. I decided to bite the bullet and go polish-free for a few weeks so that my nails could recover.

sadnails_1 copy

sadnails_2 copy

This is a photo of my nails after I removed the polish. Even though they don’t look too bad in the picture, they’re in pretty terrible shape. Horizontal cracks, flaking/peeling tips, and stained orange/yellow! While filing away the worst of the damage, my left index fingernail snapped right in half and pulled a big flake with it. In the past week or two, every single nail on my right hand snapped off, so I didn’t even bother taking a photo of it. ´⌒`

Time to bring out the big guns! I bought a bottle of OPI Nail Envy for $15 CAD (ouch), which is considered one of the best nail hardeners. It’s got formaldehyde in it and the smell is awful, but it dissipates quickly. In layman’s terms, formaldehyde helps to “cross-link” the protein in your nails, strengthening them. Paradoxically, if you use too much formaldehyde nail hardener (and keep increasing the number/strength of protein cross- links) your nails will lose too much flexibility and will crack under pressure, rather than bending. See, studying biochemistry was useful! (´ ▽ ` )ノ

As per the bottle directions, I’m going to start with 2 coats, adding another coat every other day. I will report back in a week with my results!

❤ Chelsea

31 Day Challenge: Day 26 (Inspired by a Pattern)

Today’s challenge is Pattern. The challenge that allows me to be completely lazy and cheat!

31day_pattern1 copy  31day_pattern2 copy31day_pattern3 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • Pink – Zoya Happi
  • Black – Nicole by OPI

Sorry, I know these photos are absolutely awful compared to my usual ones! I used my Bundle Monster plate to do a cute swirly stamp in black. My pink nails match my eye-scorchingly bright pink sweater!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Chelsea

31 Day Challenge: Day 20 (Water Marble)

Today’s challenge is Water Marble.

31day_water1 copy

31day_water2 copy

31day_water3 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • PurpleOPI Purple With A Purpose
  • Hot Pink – Kit First Kiss
  • Peachy Pink – Zoya Happi
  • Pastel Pink – Innisfree #116
  • Holo Glitter – Wet ‘n’ Wild Kaleidoscope
  • Topcoat – Essence Absolute Pure

As you can see, these are not truly water marbled nails. You have nooo idea how hard I tried to get the stupid marbling to work properly. I think my polishes just don’t play nice with water…I tried lots of combinations and brands but to no avail. So I gave up and painted some faux water marble stripes with a fine brush. I used a base coat of Purple With A Purpose, then painted stripes with Happi, First Kiss, and #116. I topped off the stripes with Kaleidoscope for some extra glitter.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Chelsea

31 Day Challenge: Day 19 (Galaxy)

Today’s challenge is Galaxy, so I decided to combine 2 hot trends: pastels and galaxy! I’m going to be making a pastel galaxy nail tutorial really soon, so hang tight! Also, check out my cute new stationery from Japan! Isn’t it cute? =)

31day_galaxy1 copy

31day_galaxy2 copy

31day_galaxy3 copy

31day_galaxy4 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • Purple – China Glaze Sweet Hook 
  • Pink – Innisfree #116
  • Blue – Etude House #CBL601
  • Topcoat – Essence Absolute Pure
  • White acrylic ink

Want to see how I made these? Check out my tutorial!

❤ Chelsea

Manicure Monday and 31 Day Challenge Mashup: Day 17 (Glitter)

Today’s challenge is Glitter. Yay…I love glitter! However, I do not love my middle fingernail. You can see that it’s starting to curl inwards as it’s growing out.

31day_glitter1 copy

31day_glitter2 copy

31day_glitter3 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • OPI Blue My Mind
  • OPI Goldeneye
  • Tonymoly Wonder Blue Woman
  • 3D gold stars

This manicure was easy peasy. I made a subtle glitter gradient with Wonder Blue Woman over Blue My Mind, and used Goldeneye for the accent nail. Then I stuck on some cute gold stars. Gosh, how pretty is Goldeneye? I’m absolutely in love with this colour. It’s like having bling on every finger!

Thank you for reading~

❤ Chelsea