I’m alive! And I’m changing my name.

I haven’t posted in well over a year. It’s been a very long, emotionally exhausting, and busy 12 months. But I’m happy to say that things are looking better for me and I’m ready to start posting again. To everyone who is subscribed to my blog, thanks so much for sticking around. I’ll be posting plenty of new things soon!

Also, I will be changing the name of my blog to La Rose Nocturnalia Nails. Just in case there’s any confusion!

Love, Chelsea

Day 1 of OPI Nail Envy Treatment!

Hello everyone! So, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted at all in…a whole month! Half of that is because I’m lazy/busy haha~ when I get home from work, I usually have a bunch of orders to fill…add in the everyday tasks and I’m too tired/grumpy to blog. But there’s another reason~ it’s also because I’m trying to give my poor nails a break. Since I’ve worn nail polish every single day for 6 years or so, my nails have gotten in bad shape. Even though I use cuticle oil and lotion every day, my nails and cuticles became bone dry and flaky. I tried to cover up the damage with silk wraps, and tried a billion crappy drugstore products, but they didn’t really get any better. I decided to bite the bullet and go polish-free for a few weeks so that my nails could recover.

sadnails_1 copy

sadnails_2 copy

This is a photo of my nails after I removed the polish. Even though they don’t look too bad in the picture, they’re in pretty terrible shape. Horizontal cracks, flaking/peeling tips, and stained orange/yellow! While filing away the worst of the damage, my left index fingernail snapped right in half and pulled a big flake with it. In the past week or two, every single nail on my right hand snapped off, so I didn’t even bother taking a photo of it. ´⌒`

Time to bring out the big guns! I bought a bottle of OPI Nail Envy for $15 CAD (ouch), which is considered one of the best nail hardeners. It’s got formaldehyde in it and the smell is awful, but it dissipates quickly. In layman’s terms, formaldehyde helps to “cross-link” the protein in your nails, strengthening them. Paradoxically, if you use too much formaldehyde nail hardener (and keep increasing the number/strength of protein cross- links) your nails will lose too much flexibility and will crack under pressure, rather than bending. See, studying biochemistry was useful! (´ ▽ ` )ノ

As per the bottle directions, I’m going to start with 2 coats, adding another coat every other day. I will report back in a week with my results!

❤ Chelsea

Taking a (very) short break!


Hello guys!

As you can see my posting has been rather sporadic! 😛 I’m super busy so I think I’ll have to take a short break from the 31 day challenge and stuff. I’ll start posting regularly again next week, most likely.

Until then, have some cute superhero nails I made for a customer last night!


❤ CC

Liebster Award!

Neilanie of Will Work For Polish has nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much – I feel flattered! Go check out her blog – it’s quite lovely.

Here are the rules:
  1. The recipient must post 11 fun facts about themselves
  2. The recipient must also answer 11 questions created by the award giver
  3. The recipient must give the award to 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers and post 11 questions for them to answer
  4. These 11 bloggers must be told they have been given the award
  5. They will in turn pass the award on to 11 new bloggers of their choice (no tagging back the award giver)
11 Fun Facts About Me
  1. I’ll put cheese on everything and everything! Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches = best snack ever.
  2.  I love retro and classic (well, I guess 80s is ‘retro’ these days) video games. My favourite video game is Earthbound for the Super Nintendo.
  3. I like Korean clothing and pop music. Seoul seems like such a stylish and fun city for young people so I want to go there someday!
  4. I’m a huge procrastinator. You know that person panicking the night before a due date because they haven’t started yet? That’s me!
  5. I’m a serial tea drinker. I have to stop myself otherwise I’d chug a litre of tea without much thought.
  6. I didn’t get a proper haircut (meaning more than a trim) until I was 14 years old, and I hated it so much I cried. Now that I’ve found a stylist who knows how to do curly hair, I love getting my hair cut (though my wallet doesn’t).
  7. I’m super clumsy so it’s very rare that I go a day without injuring myself, breaking something, or spilling stuff everywhere.
  8. As a kid I was a huge tomboy and semi-goth metalhead. I still am, somewhat…I just dress much better, haha! No more ridiculously baggy pants with straps on them.
  9. I wear glasses for 2 reasons: one, I’m scared of scratching my eyes when removing contacts; two, because I think they make me look smart. =P
  10. In the true Canadian fashion, I love bacon, maple syrup, hockey, snow, and Tim Hortons.
  11. I love Decoden, which is basically an odd Japanese subculture that involves sticking cute charms, rhinestones, ribbons, and pearls on everything you own. My desk is usually a sea of cabochons and little rhinestones. I even found some in the bathroom and I don’t know how they got there…
Questions for Me
1. Why did you choose to give your blog the name it has now?
I…dunno. It sounded cute. Berries are pretty cute I guess!
2. What started your love of nail polish/ nail related things?
As a teen, I discovered a Japanese magazine called Nail Max when I went to a salon. Nail Max is basically a showcase of some of the top nail salons and designs in Japan, and it also shows tons of techniques and products. From there I found a bunch of other Japanese magazines like Nail Up and Nail Venus. I was hooked instantly. If you can find scans of Nail Max/Nail Up/Nail Venus, take a look even if you don’t understand Japanese.
3. On the scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how addicted are you to nail polish/ nail related things? why?
10 all the way!! I’ve spent a good chunk of my formative years doing my nails haha.
4. How do you store your nail polish?
I use an old perfume box and chocolate/candy tins. They’re the perfect size and they look really cute!
5. Matt or glossy nails?
Glossy all the way. Matte nails freak me out for some reason.
6. Who are the bloggers you look up to the most?
Scrangie is my blog inspiration. I have no idea how she has so much time to do those swatches…and how her nails look perfect even after swatching a million times a day.
7. What other things occupy your time? hobbies?
My hobbies are drawing, crafting, and video games.
8. What do you do for a living?
University student…sigh.
9. Which nail polish company would you like to work for?
China Glaze, I’ve never had a CG polish that I didn’t like!
10. What is your favorite nail product?
Seche Vite. It’ll probably give me cancer, but my manicure will be perfectly dry!
11. What do you think about fake nails?
I like the look and feel of falsies but I prefer my natural nails. I’m too low-maintenance for false nails.
Questions for You
  1. 1. What is your favourite nail polish brand?
  2. What is the worst nail polish mishap you’ve ever had?
  3. When you break a nail, do you cut them all short or do you keep them long?
  4. What nail trends do you like?
  5. What is your favourite nail art design to do on your own nails?
  6. Do you wear unusual nail colours to work?
  7. Which celebrity manicure do you like the most?
  8. Who is your favourite nail polish blogger, or your biggest nail polish inspiration?
  9. What nail trend do you refuse to try?
  10. Show a picture of your best manicure ever!
  11. Would you like to do nails professionally or own a salon?
Award Nominees (oh gosh I can’t find many…time to find some new blogs!! Haha.)
  1. Short and Sweet in Texas
  2. My Adventures in Nail Art
  3. Nail Art Love (Sassy Darlings)
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