Skincare Review: Rohto ChuLip Lip Essence – Japanese Lip Balm (Waikiki, Hello Paradise and Paris, Perfect Memories)

Hello all! Today I’ll be reviewing Rohto’s brand-new lip balm line: ChuLip Lip Essence. Someone suggested I try this as an alternative to EOS lip balm, which contains ingredients that may aggravate lip acne. I was immediately sold by the cheerful colours and cute packaging of ChuLip. Even the name is adorable! ChuLip is a play on words in Japanese – it sounds like the Japanese pronunciation of “tulip,” but it’s also a portmanteau of “chu” (sound effect for “kiss” in Japanese) and “lip.” Very clever! My lips get dry and chapped really quickly, especially during winter. I’ve tried every balm out there: Nivea, Carmex, Burt’s Bees…the list goes on. The only things that worked, and I swear I’m being serious, are Vaseline and original flavoured Lip Smackers. So I’m always excited to try out a new lip balm, hoping that I’ll find my holy grail. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ So, did they hold up? Read on.


ChuLip advert with Mariko of AKB48!


Scents from left to right: Paris, New York, Tokyo, Nordic, Waikiki, Arabian

I picked up two scents: Paris, Perfect Memories (pink) and Waikiki, Hello Paradise (blue). Paris is supposed to be raspberry/peach/vanilla scented. Waikiki is supposed to smell like mint/vanilla/lavender, which is not a scent I’d really associate with Hawaii at all, haha. They also have a Nordic scent (green) that is supposed to smell of mango/orange/lime – that seems a lot more tropical to me! Maybe Rohto mixed up the item descriptions…

Anyway – onto the review!



Front of package with some English. Paris right, Waikiki left.


Back of package. Lots of stuff written in Japanese.


Packaging removed.

chulip4 copy

Lids removed! They look just like EOS balms.

The lip balms come in adorable droplet-shaped containers. There’s an indentation with an embossed lip icon to make it easier to open. The container is made of some kind of soft plastic or silicone, so unfortunately it picks up all the dust in the bottom of your purse, but it wipes clean very easily. The pods feel heavy and sturdy. It contains 7 g of product, which is quite a lot compared to your average tube of lip balm (usually 4 g or so). The balm itself is in a dome shape. Like EOS balms, it’s a little bit awkward to apply until the balm starts wearing down. Not a big deal, though.


Normally I’d like to go over the special ingredients and explain their purposes. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ingredient list for you because I don’t know Japanese. I’ve looked all over the place, but I haven’t found a translated ingredient list yet. If I find one, I’ll come back and edit this review ASAP!

Both balms have the same texture. The formula is very light, but moisturizing – not at all sticky, greasy, or gummy.. I used to use a thin layer of coconut oil on my chapped lips, and the texture feels similar. My lips were a bit chapped when I first started using the balm, and after 2 days of using it regularly my lips look and feel much smoother. I wear the balm underneath my lipstick and it makes application really smooth, especially for dark matte shades (my favourite!).

The longevity is also pretty decent. I’m a heavy tea drinker and I snack constantly, so I go through most lip products pretty quickly. They held up surprisingly well after eating/drinking. For me they last about 2 hours without needing to reapply, but I tend to lick my lips frequently so YMMV.

These scents would be ideal for someone who is sensitive to strong perfumes. Waikiki has a mildly minty, floral smell. It smells a lot like chamomile mint tea, actually! It’s very refreshing. I was hoping to get a little more vanilla, though. Paris has a sweet, fruity smell but it’s very artificial. It smells kind of like strawberry candy. Not really getting the peach, vanilla, or raspberry at all. Still, it smells pretty nice. Like Waikiki, it’s not strong or overpowering at all. Likewise, both balms have a very slight flavour…sort of minty and coconutty at the same time? It’s almost nonexistent – you won’t notice it at all if you’re eating or drinking.

All in all, the formula is excellent. I just wish that the scents were a little more true to the descriptions.


Overall, I really like these lip balms, even if they are a little pricy. The formula is excellent, and I love the cute packaging. I would definitely purchase these again.


  • Large amount of product
  • Scent/flavour is noticeable, but very mild
  • Light, non-sticky texture
  • Balm lasts for a few hours even when eating/drinking


  • Container gets dirty easily
  • Scents don’t really run true to the descriptions
  • A little expensive ($6 USD in Japan, $8+ overseas) – prices may come down later since this is a new product

Score: 4.5 /5

Where to Buy:

AdamBeauty: $6.50 USD + $2 shipping worldwide

AlphaBeautyUK (Ebay): $8.50 USD + shipping <– I purchased here before realizing it was cheaper on AdamBeauty (っ◞‸◟c)

Thanks for reading y’all!

❤ Chelsea


3 comments on “Skincare Review: Rohto ChuLip Lip Essence – Japanese Lip Balm (Waikiki, Hello Paradise and Paris, Perfect Memories)

  1. Artemis says:

    I’ve been really interested in trying these! thanks for posting a review.

  2. Ohh these do look just like EOS Lip Balms! ^ ^

  3. dave the print says:

    Chu~tsu and Hitonuri Chu Lip
    Limited only now! Disney Zum Zum design design six
    What Chu Lip?
    Fragrance lip to enjoy in “Kokoroagaru” five senses
    Scent of attentionCuteness of appearanceUltimate coating comfortSecret of tasteChu~tsu and Nuro ♪
    Round was a colon and a strange shape , the six of aroma and colorful of the variation.

    And paint so as to Chu~tsu and Chu, new Fill. So, Chu Lip is, quite different from the lip cream until now “new form of lip balm.”

    And fun to have, fun to paint, fun me incense.
    “Kokoroagaru” new lip balm,
    and Chu Lip debut ♪

    How To Chu Lip use
    Fill is, “Chu~tsu and Hitonuri”

    Chu Fill of Lip is very cute. Open the lid, perfectly round the lip cream kiss lips to, Chu~tsu ♥ in Hitonuri, the entire lips from a can cover very Rakuchin! On the lips pompon & Colo and massage are also recommended to. The moist, the plump ♥ on lips

    Let play with more Chu Lip!
    Chu Lip not just paint!

    Just decorate your room or office desk,
    very cute interior items it becomes even!

    The round shape and you have a colon and,
    POP of color, just looking, Kokoroagaru ♪

    You can try side by side to collect a lot of color, accessories and, various accessories and even try to decorate with it ♥ be cute

    Painted even cute! Can decorate cute!
    Chu use of Lip, the’m free ♪

    Your only original ways of enjoying
    I try to find ♥

    In more Chu Lip
    Let playing!

    I see everyone’s color coordination catalogs
    Six scent of
    Paris Perfect Memories
    New York Brilliant My Way
    Tokyo mode Night
    Nordic Fancy nostalgia
    Waikiki Hello Paradise
    Arabian floral shower
    Scent of sweet berry feel the Paris Perfect Memories eternal love

    Gently sweet vanilla berry tone scent of.

    The top, and a refreshing melon and kiwi.
    Through the last note from the middle, the mix fruit, such as soothing Raspberry Peach Muscat I was pretty vanilla musk and mix.
    Girly is a sweet scent.
    Raspberry, strawberry, fruit mix
    Learn more »
    Scent of power fruity sparkling in future dazzling New York brilliant My Way

    Cheerfully popping Apple Ginger tone scent of.

    The top, to mix a refreshing green apple in a little exciting ginger.
    Middle and last note, I have put together softly in tea rose and floral.
    Juicy and powerful scent.
    Tea Rose, Ginger, Apple floral
    Learn more »
    Scent of fascination of neon Honey reminiscent the night that does not end Tokyo mode Night

    Pleasant sweetness becomes a habit
    honey lemon tea tone scent of.

    The top, to blend the fresh bergamot and tea flavor.
    Through the last note from the middle, feel the change from lavender of peace to honey musk, it is a charming fragrance.
    Honey, tea, bergamot
    Learn more »
    Scent of refresh peel to draw more of Nordic Fancy nostalgia fairy tale

    Gives the healing refreshing
    scent of tropical mango tone.

    The top, fresh apple mango and mandarin orange.
    Through the last note from the middle, blend the lemon and lime of vitamin fruit become a calm mood. It is a relaxing nostalgic scent.
    Mango, mandarin orange, tropical fruit
    Learn more »
    Scent of aquamarine that go out to Waikiki Hello Paradise perfect vacation

    Exhilarating a fresh
    sweet mint tone scent of.

    Top, mix the mint green and refreshing mint.
    When it comes to last from the middle, the lavender and basil in herbal accent, I was seasoned with subtle sweet vanilla. It is a cool scent to become airy mood.
    Mint, basil, vanilla
    Learn more »
    Scent of elegant Rose that has been subjected to Arabian floral shower magic

    Elegant and rich elegant rose tone scent of.

    Top, and the gorgeous Rose, impressed with accents of clove.
    Last note from the Middle, the classic rose and geranium with reduced sweetness, was wrapped in a fruity musk. Rich is a sexy adult scent of a little.
    Rose, geranium, clove
    Learn more »
    olive fruit oil, squalane, macadamia nut oil, hydrogenated avocado oil, beeswax, petroleum jelly, candelilla wax, microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, aloe vera extract -3, carnauba wax, synthetic wax, Penchirengurikoru, (ethylene / propylene ) copolymers, fragrance, menthol, rose hip oil, tocopherol, sucralose  
    Chu Lip “debut” Hen



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