31 Day Challenge: Day 21 (Inspired by a Colour)

Today’s challenge is Inspired by a Colour. Naturally, I chose pink, since pink is the best colour.

31day_colour1 copy

31day_colour2 copy

31day_colour3 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • Pink – Zoya Happi
  • Gold – Sally Hansen Golden-i
  • Black – Sation Black
  • Iridescent pink  glitter
  • Black acrylic ink

Isn’t Happi such a pretty colour?! It’s one of my favourite colours ever. Anyway, this was a very simple mani. I dipped the wet nails into my glitter pot for the glitter dip effect. I also painted some leopard spots in gold and black. Lastly, I thought the middle nail was boring with just the rhinestone, so I added an Old English letter. And there you have it!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Chelsea


5 comments on “31 Day Challenge: Day 21 (Inspired by a Colour)

  1. rubygloommel says:

    Hi, I’m currently hosting a nail art competition on my blog, and since you’re interested in nail art, I was wondering if you’d like to join. If you do you can find the details at: http://nailartisan.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/exams-are-over-competition/. I’m hoping to get a lot of talented nail artists together, hopefully I’ll see you there! Feel free to submit one of your 31 day challenge designs 🙂

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