31 Day Challenge: Day 18 (Half-Moons)

Today’s challenge is Half-Moons. God I was so tired when I did these haha…it shows. But I still think this is a cute idea for a mani or nailset!

31day_moon1 copy

31day_moon2 copy

31day_moon3 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • Purple – China Glaze Sweet Hook
  • Topcoat – Essence Absolute Pure
  • Black India Ink

I made the half-moons just by sweeping the brush across the halfway point on each nail. Then I used my calligraphy pen and ink to draw cute lace patterns and polka dots. Last, I sealed it all in with some topcoat, which unfortunately took half the ink with it!

Thank you for reading~

❤ Chelsea


6 comments on “31 Day Challenge: Day 18 (Half-Moons)

  1. thebubblybrunette says:

    Oh, this is so pretty! I love lace with lilac 🙂

  2. blimbo2005 says:

    i can’t believe you did those by hand.! they looks so cool

  3. dailycharme says:

    These are adorable!

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