31 Day Challenge: Day 15 (Tribal)

Today’s challenge is Tribal! I’ve never jumped on this trend with much enthusiasm. Something doesn’t sit right with me when I see people hijacking real, traditional ethnic patterns and labelling them as a generic “tribal” pattern, as if those people are from some primitive cultures that no longer exist. Which is not to say that everyone who’s done tribal nails is doing that, since most people seem to make their own patterns.

So, here’s a slightly Aztec-inspired geometric pattern that I refuse to call “tribal.”

31day_tribal1 copy

31day_tribal2 copy

31day_tribal3 copy

Polishes and Materials Used:

  • Rimmel Shocker
  • Sation Black
  • Black India ink

So, this nail design was pretty simple. I used my calligraphy pen to fill in the black, but the ink didn’t like this polish very much as you can tell by the streaking. Still think it looks pretty cool, though!

❤ Chelsea


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