Swatches: Innisfree Eco Nail Colour in #85 and #116

innis_1 copy

Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you guys a review of some polishes from Innisfree’s Eco Nail Colour line. Innisfree is a Korean cosmetics company that focuses on using natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients in its skincare and makeup products. As such, their nail polishes are big 3-free, meaning that they don’t contain phthalates, toluene, or formaldehyde.  They have a wide range of polish colours, mostly in pastel hues, and tons of cute glitters to choose from.

I’ll be reviewing two shades: #85 Raspberry Yogurt from the Yogurt collection and #116 from the Macaron collection. #85 Raspberry Yogurt is a warm-toned pink, milky jelly with multi-size pink and purple hex glitter. #116 is a simple pastel pink creme with a slightly cool undertone.

Packaging: 8/10

Left: #118 Raspberry Yogurt. Right: #116

Left: #118 Raspberry Yogurt. Right: #116

The polishes come in stubby 10 mL bottles. The lids are matte white and feel sturdy. The brushes are short, but they actually reach the bottom of the bottle so you don’t need to tilt the bottle awkwardly when the polish is running out. However, the short length made it a little awkward for me to apply polish neatly. Sadly, one of my brushes had some bent bristles in it, which left a little streak on the nail. Lastly, the glitter polish doesn’t contain a mixing ball even though the creme does. I’ll never understand this logic, haha.

Formula: 10/10

innis_2 copy

2 coats each of #85 Raspberry Yogurt and #116.

As you can see, the swatches are a bit more bright and saturated-looking than the bottle colour, but the difference isn’t too extreme.

Firstly, these are big-3 free! The smell isn’t strong either, and dissipates quickly. Application was a breeze. #116 was thick but smooth and went on without streaks or bubbles. It was nearly opaque in 1 coat, which is great for a pastel pink. #85 was surprisingly liquid for a dense glitter polish, but it wasn’t too runny. It applied without streaking or bubbling as well, and the glitter actually went on quite evenly. Lastly, the drying time was pretty good on both polishes. #85 dried a little bit more slowly than #116.

Value: 8/10

I paid $5 and $6.50 CAD for #116 and #85 respectively. I think that for the quality and amount of polish I got, the prices are ok – about the same as China Glaze and the cheaper OPI (in terms of $ per mL). I’ve paid more for polish and gotten lesser quality, so I think these are a good value even though they’re slightly expensive. However, you can get them for about $2.50 (!) from Korea Depart if you’re willing to buy a lot of stuff to offset the shipping costs. So I’m giving them a high score for value.

Overall Impression: 9/10

  • Pros: Big-3 free, excellent formula, not too strong-smelling
  • Cons:  Slightly clumsy brush, slightly expensive

Here’s a few places where you can pick up some Innisfree polish for yourself! If you find any other shops, let me know.

Ruby Ruby Shop:
Jessie Market:
Korea Depart:
Myra Korean Style:

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❤  Chelsea

Manicure Monday and 31 Day Challenge Mashup: Day 17 (Glitter)

Today’s challenge is Glitter. Yay…I love glitter! However, I do not love my middle fingernail. You can see that it’s starting to curl inwards as it’s growing out.

31day_glitter1 copy

31day_glitter2 copy

31day_glitter3 copy

Nail Polishes and Materials Used:

  • OPI Blue My Mind
  • OPI Goldeneye
  • Tonymoly Wonder Blue Woman
  • 3D gold stars

This manicure was easy peasy. I made a subtle glitter gradient with Wonder Blue Woman over Blue My Mind, and used Goldeneye for the accent nail. Then I stuck on some cute gold stars. Gosh, how pretty is Goldeneye? I’m absolutely in love with this colour. It’s like having bling on every finger!

Thank you for reading~

❤ Chelsea

31 Day Challenge: Day 15 (Tribal)

Today’s challenge is Tribal! I’ve never jumped on this trend with much enthusiasm. Something doesn’t sit right with me when I see people hijacking real, traditional ethnic patterns and labelling them as a generic “tribal” pattern, as if those people are from some primitive cultures that no longer exist. Which is not to say that everyone who’s done tribal nails is doing that, since most people seem to make their own patterns.

So, here’s a slightly Aztec-inspired geometric pattern that I refuse to call “tribal.”

31day_tribal1 copy

31day_tribal2 copy

31day_tribal3 copy

Polishes and Materials Used:

  • Rimmel Shocker
  • Sation Black
  • Black India ink

So, this nail design was pretty simple. I used my calligraphy pen to fill in the black, but the ink didn’t like this polish very much as you can tell by the streaking. Still think it looks pretty cool, though!

❤ Chelsea

31 Day Challenge: Day 14 (Floral)

So glad that anatomy final is done! One more final exam and then undergrad is finally over…thank god.

Today’s challenge is Floral. I’m not really much of a floral person..I mean, they’re all right, I guess. So these nails aren’t all that flowery, haha~

31day_floral1 copy

31day_floral2 copy

31day_floral3 copy

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Essence Absolute Pure
  • KIT Playas de Arena
  • Sation Black
  • Black India ink

I used my calligraphy pen with India ink to draw the floral designs, then sealed it in with the clear coat. I also used the clear coat to apply my brand spankin’ new glass rhinestones. They’re way more glittery and pretty than the resin ones, as you can see.

Here’s a couple of shots of me wearing the nails! As you can see, this set is a little bit big, but I like how the tips look. This was my first time filing stiletto-shaped tips, since these are just regular old round acrylic full nails. Next time I’ll file them a bit sharper.

The pinky is a little round since I accidentally broke the tip on the tabletop. Oops!

31day_floral5 copy

31day_floral4 copy

Thanks for reading!

❤ CC

31 Day Challenge: Day 13 (Animal Print)

Sigh…I’m going to spend all day in the lab looking at stinky cadavers. So, here are some cute, pink nails to cheer me up!

Today’s challenge is Animal Print. My favourite! I think I’m permanently stuck in 1995 or something.  I love anything with neon leopard print on it.

As you can see, they look 10 shades of goofy on my fingers since they’re so huge. Haha!

31day_leopard1 copy

31day_leopard2 copy

31day_leopard3 copy

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Essence Absolute Pure
  • KIT Playas de Arena
  • KIT First Kiss
  • OPI Pinking of You

First I painted 2 coats of Playas de Arena on each nail (except the studded hot pink one, which is 2 coats of First Kiss). Then I used my big dotting tool to create dots with Pinking of You. After, I used a smaller dotting tool to create the borders on the leopard spots with First Kiss. Lastly, I applied a coat of Absolute Pure and squished some studs onto the nails while they were tacky. Not too tricky, eh?

Thanks for reading!

❤ CC

31 Day Challenge: Day 12 (Stripes)

I really need to be studying for my anatomy final…

Today’s challenge is Stripes.

31day_stripe1 copy

31day_stripe2 copy

Nail Polishes Used:

  • Essence Absolute Pure
  • OPI Blue My Mind
  • Red and white acrylic paints

These were pretty simple! 2 coats of Blue My Mind, some white stripes in acrylic paint, and then some gold chains and beads to finish them off. Ta-da, cute nautical themed nails!

By the way, check out that lopsided anchor on the thumb. I messed up while I was finishing the nail so I tried to fix it. Needless to say…repair failed, LOL.

31day_stripefail copy

Thanks for reading!

❤ CC

12 Zoya Minis for $49!


Hello ladies!

Just wanted to let you know that Nail Polish Canada is offering a set of 12 Zoya mini (1/4 oz) bottles for $49! Quite a good price for us Canadian ladies, since Zoya is very expensive here. But don’t worry…they ship to the USA too. Unfortunately for me…I’m on a no-buy right now. Post-grad is expensive…

Pick them up here!