31 Day Challenge: Day 2 (Orange)

Hello everyone! Day 2 of this challenge is Orange. I’m gonna be breaking out the falsies for these since there’s noooo way that I’ll subject my nails to a daily acetone bath, haha. Behold…fizzy orange drink nails!

31_orange1 copy

31_orange2 copy


Nail Polishes Used:

  • Essie Pure Pearlfection
  • Etude House OR201
  • SH French White

These photos aren’t so great but I tried my best.
First, I painted 1 coat of OR201, and then layered Pure Pearlfection on top. I’m convinced that Pure Pearlfection looks good on everything! Then I used a dotting tool to add the ‘fizz’ to the tips, and added some extra orange dots with a smaller dotting tool. While the polish was still wet, I sliced some cute fruit fimo canes and stuck them on. Maybe not the most practical look ever, but it’s still cute!

Thanks for reading!

❤ CC


6 comments on “31 Day Challenge: Day 2 (Orange)

  1. These are AWESOME! I might have to crack out my fimo. ♥

  2. Chris says:

    So pretty! With every nail look I see using fimo sticks, it make me want to get some!

  3. Lynette Webster says:

    These are so gorgeous! I want to recreate this look but can I just confirm that it was OR201 you used, not OR202? (Sorry I don’t mean to doubt…) I Googled and OR202 looks peachy but OR201 was dark so please please could you let me know? I don’t want to get the wrong colour. On your nails the colour looks more peachy than dark coral.

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