DIY: Make Your Own Gentle, Scented, Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover!


As any nail polish lover knows, acetone polish remover is absolute hell on your nails and skin. I have extremely dry, sensitive skin that’s prone to cracking if I go more than a few hours without cream or oil. I can’t even use the foil method to remove glitter polish because it messed up my skin so much. I made the switch to non-acetone remover, which is a bit less powerful. It wasn’t as drying, but it still wasn’t as gentle as I’d like…so, I did a bit of research onto how to improve this formula. Make sure you do this in a ventilated area!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  •  Non-acetone nail polish remover (You can use acetone remover, but mix your glycerine in gradually, with a small amount of water, as acetone and glycerine don’t mix)
  • Plain, unscented glyercine (you can find this at any drugstore)
  • Water
  • Scented essential oil (optional, it’s just to make your remover less stinky)

Step 1: Measure out the glycerine with a spoon. I used 2.5 tablespoons for a 350 mL bottle of remover, so that’s roughly 1.5 tablespoons for 200 mL.

Step 2: Slowly add your glycerine to your non-acetone remover.  If your glycerine forms a small layer on top, that just means you added a little bit too much, sdd a spoonful of water to make the glycerine more soluble.

Step 3: Close the cap. Shake the bottle thoroughly until the glycerine is all mixed in.

Step 4: Optional – to make the remover a little bit less stinky, add 1-2 drops of an essential oil, such as lavender oil. Close the cap and shake thoroughly again.

Voila, you’re finished! This nail polish remover will be a little bit kinder on your cuticles than the standard drugstore fare, and it’s so easy to make! You’ll still need to use cuticle oil regularly of course, but this remover didn’t dry out my skin nearly as much.

Good luck and enjoy!

❤ CC


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