Swatches: Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Hey everyone!  As promised, I’m bringing you some more Etude House nail polish reviews! This batch of colours is a new addition to their Sweet Recipe cosmetics collection. Everything in the Sweet Recipe collection is packaged up like a dessert – super cute! Today I’ll be reviewing Strawberry Stars Candy and Mint Choco Chip, my two favourite flavours. I got both of these on Ebay for $4.50 each. You can easily find them for $3-$5, so don’t go to those ripoff shops that charge $9 or more.

Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Left – #1 Mint Choco Chip. Right – #4 Strawberry Stars Candy.

Firstly, packaging. As usual, Etude House hits it out of the park with fun and unique packaging. These nail polishes come in 10mL bottles shaped like ice cream cones! The cone is embossed with the Etude House logo and some decorative patterns. Even though the brush handle is shaped like a cone, it didn’t feel clumsy or difficult to use. The brushes themselves were nothing unusual – just your standard-size nail polish brush and not the broad kind that you might find in other Etude House polishes. Lastly, as I’ve come to expect from this brand…no steel balls. Sigh. Oh well! Onto the colours.


Left – 2 coats of Mint Choco Chip. Right – 2 coats of Strawberry Stars Candy.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails #1 Mint Choco Chip

This polish is a pastel mint green with a slight blue undertone. Even without the glitter, the base colour alone is beautiful! I have a hard time wearing minty greens and blues due to the yellow undertones of my skin, but this one is perfect for me. It’s got tons of green, teal, pink, bronze, brown, and black glitter in multi-size hex,  square, and round shapes. The formula was thick and a bit chunky because it has so much glitter in it, but it applied smoothly and didn’t streak. The drying time was good on this one, even though I used a thick coat. It was opaque in two coats. It really does look like mint chocolate chip ice cream! Definitely a winner in my books.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails #4 Strawberry Stars Candy

This is a cool-toned pastel pink creme that’s reminiscent of OPI Pink Friday, my favourite pink ever! It’s loaded with pink, purple, berry, blue, holo, and silver glitter in a variety of shapes – hex, square, round, bar, and star. I know that it sounds like a hot mess when I write it out that way, but it’s really pretty on my nails! The formula was thick and not perfectly smooth due to the amount of glitter. The glitter is quite dense. On the swatch wheel it wasn’t streaky and was opaque in two coats. However, when I applied it to my own nails it was a bit streaky and transparent. I have dark nail beds though, so take that with a grain of salt. The drying time on this one for some reason wasn’t as good…I accidentally smudged my polish twice, even with Seche Vite on. Lastly, the star glitter is so few and far between that I didn’t get a single star out of the bottle, even though I painted over 20 coats of this polish. >_<

Lastly,  the wear time was great on both polishes. My nails seem to naturally resist chipping/peeling more than most people’s (no chips until about day 7-8, maybe some minor tip wear) but my nails were still looking very nice when I removed the polish. I was also pleased that these polishes came off without any fuss…rare in a glitter!


So, what do you think? I personally really liked these polishes despite the minor issues with Strawberry Stars Candy as they’re both rather unique colours. They apply decently well, come in cute packages, and are affordable – what’s not to like? I might just have to go get the other 2 in this set – #2 Lemon Sherbet and #3 Apricot Candy. Apricot Candy looks so cute~


Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails Collection

Thanks for reading – until next time!

❤ CC


10 comments on “Swatches: Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

  1. […] Strawberry Stars Candy, and the green is Etude House Mint Choco Chip (Check my review of these two here!). My nails were already done up for the swatches. I used a dab of super sticky clear polish near […]

  2. Rabby says:

    Adorable! You picked the same colours I want! 😄

    It seems like a lot of people aren’t getting the stars much. ;_; I would possibly consider finding similar sparkle-stars and mixing them in… >3<; Do you think that would work?

    • Omg I know, I was so disappointed when no stars were coming out. Etude lied to us ;_;

      You can probably mix your own star glitter in as long as they’re the solvent resistant type, otherwise they’ll curl up or melt. You can get them on YouMix Cosmetics and Glitter Unique, and a couple of other places :3 But they’re quite expensive so I don’t really think it’s worth it for one bottle of polish lol.

  3. ressadennis says:

    Totally on my wishlist now! I love anything that has to do with pastries 🙂

  4. Linda says:

    I don’t know what to do, I have searched everywhere, I just want to buy the mint chocolate chip nail polish.

    • They might not be available anymore. I think they may have been a limited release. Sorry 😦

      Many indie polish shops would be happy to whip up a custom blend for you! Maybe they could make something similar. I could try, if you like.

  5. Geoffrey says:

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