Manicure Mondays: Gold and Black Tips with Pink Rhinestones




Hello everybody! Today I did a very simple freehand manicure. First I painted a broad stripe of SH Golden-i across the tips. Then I painted a thinner stripe of Sation Black at the very tippy-top. Lastly, I threw on some Seche Vite and used some glue to add a pink Swarovski crystal to each nail. I have billions of these left over from making phone cases, so I need to find some way to use them all.

Anyway…now to tell you about my manicure mishap! These nails were originally done in a cool plaid pattern with gold striping tape and some rhinestones. A bit impractical, but I wanted Manicure Mondays to get off to an awesome start!

I did my nails early this morning and decided to pop into the shower a few hours later so I could clean up my cuticles. Afterwards, I looked down and was dismayed to find the corners of the tape lifting. I figured I’d glue the tape back down after I did my hair. After I did that, I noticed that I had loads of shredded gold glitter and adhesive stuck in my curls and to my blouse. Lovely! I guess striping tape and warm water don’t play nice. The peeling tape took a bunch of nail polish with it, so I had to redo some of it. You can still see some of the ridges left behind from the tape. Sigh.



Anyhow, I’m off to enjoy some ice skating while the weather is still warm – take care and thanks for visiting!

❤ CC


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