Swatches: A (Tiny) Korean Nail Polish Extravaganza, Part III

Next up in my showcase of my tiny Korean polish collection are TONYMOLY and Peripera!

View Part I and Part II if you want to see some of my Etude House swatches from their Dear My Party, Look at My Candyfloss, and LUCIDarling collections!


TONYMOLY is another major Korean cosmetics brand. Once again, I mostly knew about them from their lotions and cosmetics rather than their nail polish… but they actually makes a ton of really beautiful and unique colours. I had a good experience with this one, so I’ll definitely be picking up more. Their website says that their polishes don’t use harmful chemicals, which I’m interpreting as big-3 free.  Take that as you will!

TONYMOLY Wonder Blue Woman #GS11

Wonder Blue Woman #GS11

TONYMOLY released a matching pair of glitter-filled jelly polishes to commemorate Wonder Woman – one blue and one red. The polish name is not a typo, by the way – it’s really called Wonder Blue Woman instead of Wonder Woman Blue, hehe! Like all TONYMOLY products, this polish comes in attractive and stylish packaging. It’s a short, fat 10mL bottle with a decorative lid. The TONYMOLY logo is embossed on the lid. The brush isn’t anything out of the ordinary, just short to match the short bottle. Lastly, there’s no steel ball in this polish…maybe this is a trend with Korean nail polish? None of my Korean polishes have the mixing ball. I’ll add one later, but it’s annoying since I don’t want my polish getting clumpy!


Left – 1 coat. Right – 2 coats.

This colour is just…awesome. It even looks amazing in the bottle! It’s a translucent blue jelly packed with fine silver glitter and blue and teal hex/round glitter. The blue jelly is quite dark even after two coats, but I prefer to wear jelly polishes with undies. This would look great with a black or deep blue, like OPI Russian Navy or OPI Blue My Mind. The formula on this was nice. It was thick but not goopy, and the glitter spread very evenly across the nail. It seemed to dry a little bit slowly, though. All in all, though, this polish gets a thumbs up.

The best part? This polish cost less than $5!


I really love Peripera because their packaging is painfully cute. Their scented nail polish collection has adorable cat-shaped caps! The colours are mostly pretty girly – pinks, peaches, pastels and brights – but there is a good range of dark colours available. Even though I find pastels a bit overdone, they have a vast selection of really lovely ones. They also have some gorgeous jellies and glitters. Peripera nail polish is really popular in Korea and is considered one of the better brands. I’m not sure if they’re big-3-free though. Their tagline for their polishes is ‘One coat, one minute, one week.’ Let’s see if it holds up!

Peripera Vanilla Mint #GR301


Peripera Vanilla Mint #GR301

Peripera has very nice packaging…noticing a pattern yet? Korean brands are really fond of pretty packaging it seems. The polish comes in cute, fat 13mL bottles. The Peripera logo is stamped on the front in holographic paint. The lid is long and thin, and it’s decorated with curlicues and roses. It’s very pretty, but it’s tricky to store…the handle makes it about 1-2cm taller than your typical bottle. I imagine you’d have similar storage problems with their other funky handle shapes. The long handle is nice for applying the polish though, since I have long fingers. And I love the brush – it’s short, flat, and wide, perfect for applying in 2 or 3 strokes. This is one of the fattest brushes I’ve ever seen, and it’s nice to see it in an inexpensive polish!

Vanilla Mint is a cute sky blue colour with a strong green undertone, perfect for spring and summer. It’s not unique as minty greens and blues are very on trend right now, but I wanted to try a Peripera product. I was a bit shocked at the bottle colour – it’s not quite like the promotional picture I used to order the polish…ah well, the perils of shopping online, right? I think I can blame that on my terrible monitor.


1 coat! Looks good already.

That aside, it’s a very pretty polish. It applied smoothly and evenly with the fat brush. The formula is quite thick and opaque, but not gloopy. They weren’t kidding about ‘one coat’ though I prefer two out of habit. It also dried to a soft shiny finish quickly despite the fairly thick coat I applied. So ‘one minute’ checks out too! I haven’t had it on for very long, so I can’t say much about ‘one week’ yet. Still, I’m sold on the thick formula and drying time alone. My nails rarely chip until day 7-8 anyway, so I’m probably not going to be the best judge of longevity for the average person…

My singular beef with this polish? It smells bizarre. It’s the regular nail polish smell with a weird plastic undertone. Thankfully it’s very brief and dissipates in about a second. I can’t put my finger on it…camphor, maybe? It’s fine when the polish is dry, but use it in a ventilated room.

You can easily pick up their standard polishes for around $5 on Ebay, but some of their more special collections (such as the cat-shaped scented perfume polishes) are a touch more expensive at around $8 and up. Very good buy for the quantity and quality you get.

So…that’s it for now. But I’ll be back soon with another boatload of Korean nail polishes, including some brand new Etude House! So stay tuned~

❤ CC


6 comments on “Swatches: A (Tiny) Korean Nail Polish Extravaganza, Part III

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love the glitter polish! So pretty.

    – KW

  2. mrbo says:

    How long did the Peripera end up lasting?

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