Manicure Mondays: Cute Candy Coloured Studded Nails

Ok guys, are you ready for the laziest Manicure Monday ever?




I had some gold studs lying around so I decided to see how they’d hold up on my real nails, since I’ve only used them on decorative false nails. The pink is Etude House Strawberry Stars Candy, and the green is Etude House Mint Choco Chip (Check my review of these two here!). My nails were already done up for the swatches. I used a dab of super sticky clear polish near the cuticle and then stuck a stud on top. That’s…about it. Haha~

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Swatches: Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Hey everyone!  As promised, I’m bringing you some more Etude House nail polish reviews! This batch of colours is a new addition to their Sweet Recipe cosmetics collection. Everything in the Sweet Recipe collection is packaged up like a dessert – super cute! Today I’ll be reviewing Strawberry Stars Candy and Mint Choco Chip, my two favourite flavours. I got both of these on Ebay for $4.50 each. You can easily find them for $3-$5, so don’t go to those ripoff shops that charge $9 or more.

Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Left – #1 Mint Choco Chip. Right – #4 Strawberry Stars Candy.

Firstly, packaging. As usual, Etude House hits it out of the park with fun and unique packaging. These nail polishes come in 10mL bottles shaped like ice cream cones! The cone is embossed with the Etude House logo and some decorative patterns. Even though the brush handle is shaped like a cone, it didn’t feel clumsy or difficult to use. The brushes themselves were nothing unusual – just your standard-size nail polish brush and not the broad kind that you might find in other Etude House polishes. Lastly, as I’ve come to expect from this brand…no steel balls. Sigh. Oh well! Onto the colours.


Left – 2 coats of Mint Choco Chip. Right – 2 coats of Strawberry Stars Candy.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails #1 Mint Choco Chip

This polish is a pastel mint green with a slight blue undertone. Even without the glitter, the base colour alone is beautiful! I have a hard time wearing minty greens and blues due to the yellow undertones of my skin, but this one is perfect for me. It’s got tons of green, teal, pink, bronze, brown, and black glitter in multi-size hex,  square, and round shapes. The formula was thick and a bit chunky because it has so much glitter in it, but it applied smoothly and didn’t streak. The drying time was good on this one, even though I used a thick coat. It was opaque in two coats. It really does look like mint chocolate chip ice cream! Definitely a winner in my books.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails #4 Strawberry Stars Candy

This is a cool-toned pastel pink creme that’s reminiscent of OPI Pink Friday, my favourite pink ever! It’s loaded with pink, purple, berry, blue, holo, and silver glitter in a variety of shapes – hex, square, round, bar, and star. I know that it sounds like a hot mess when I write it out that way, but it’s really pretty on my nails! The formula was thick and not perfectly smooth due to the amount of glitter. The glitter is quite dense. On the swatch wheel it wasn’t streaky and was opaque in two coats. However, when I applied it to my own nails it was a bit streaky and transparent. I have dark nail beds though, so take that with a grain of salt. The drying time on this one for some reason wasn’t as good…I accidentally smudged my polish twice, even with Seche Vite on. Lastly, the star glitter is so few and far between that I didn’t get a single star out of the bottle, even though I painted over 20 coats of this polish. >_<

Lastly,  the wear time was great on both polishes. My nails seem to naturally resist chipping/peeling more than most people’s (no chips until about day 7-8, maybe some minor tip wear) but my nails were still looking very nice when I removed the polish. I was also pleased that these polishes came off without any fuss…rare in a glitter!


So, what do you think? I personally really liked these polishes despite the minor issues with Strawberry Stars Candy as they’re both rather unique colours. They apply decently well, come in cute packages, and are affordable – what’s not to like? I might just have to go get the other 2 in this set – #2 Lemon Sherbet and #3 Apricot Candy. Apricot Candy looks so cute~


Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails Collection

Thanks for reading – until next time!

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Manicure Mondays: Gold and Black Tips with Pink Rhinestones




Hello everybody! Today I did a very simple freehand manicure. First I painted a broad stripe of SH Golden-i across the tips. Then I painted a thinner stripe of Sation Black at the very tippy-top. Lastly, I threw on some Seche Vite and used some glue to add a pink Swarovski crystal to each nail. I have billions of these left over from making phone cases, so I need to find some way to use them all.

Anyway…now to tell you about my manicure mishap! These nails were originally done in a cool plaid pattern with gold striping tape and some rhinestones. A bit impractical, but I wanted Manicure Mondays to get off to an awesome start!

I did my nails early this morning and decided to pop into the shower a few hours later so I could clean up my cuticles. Afterwards, I looked down and was dismayed to find the corners of the tape lifting. I figured I’d glue the tape back down after I did my hair. After I did that, I noticed that I had loads of shredded gold glitter and adhesive stuck in my curls and to my blouse. Lovely! I guess striping tape and warm water don’t play nice. The peeling tape took a bunch of nail polish with it, so I had to redo some of it. You can still see some of the ridges left behind from the tape. Sigh.



Anyhow, I’m off to enjoy some ice skating while the weather is still warm – take care and thanks for visiting!

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DIY: Make Your Own Nail Polish Jewellery!


I should really be studying for my exams…but I  need a break from all that stress right now! So I decided to make some fun costume jewellery for myself. Aren’t they pretty? No, those earrings aren’t mismatched – they’re painted with a colour-shifting blue/purple nail polish I cooked up. More on that later, I promise! =)

You can get the rings and earrings on my Etsy store for a very reasonable price! That way you can get ahold of my funky handmade colours. I also do custom orders.

If you’re more of the DIY type…these are fun to make! You can purchase the materials at a craft store, fabric store, art store, or from Ebay. The only hassle is you often have to buy the materials in lots, which can get expensive.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  •  Nail polish or acrylic paint
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Sealant (such as Krylon)
  • Scotch tape, plasticine, or kneaded eraser
  • Jewellery findings (plain rings, earring posts, pendants, etc)
  • Clear glass or resin flatback domed cabochons
  • Adhesive or craft/jewellery glue (such as E6000 or Gemtac)
  • Sandpaper

Step 1: First, make a little loop of scotch tape and stick it to your table. Place your cabochon on the tape loop with the flat side facing up. This stops it from moving and wobbling while you paint it. You can also use a kneaded eraser or plasticine.

Step 2: Paint your colours of choice onto your cabochon. Try out magnetic polishes or crackle polishes to get really cool effects! If you want to layer colours, to paint them in the opposite order that you would normally. For example, if I wanted to layer white glitter on a blue background, I would paint the white glitter layer first and the blue layer second. Also, glass dries a lot more slowly than your fingernails, so don’t get tempted to touch.

Step 3:  When your cabochon is completely dry, seal it with a coat of sealant. This will protect it from scratches and will help to preserve the colour. If the nail polish is still wet, the sealant will ruin all of your hard work =(

Step 4: Use a piece of sandpaper to gently rub the flat surface of your jewellery finding. Apply a few beads of glue to the finding and carefully press your cabochon onto it, making sure not to smear glue onto the domed surface. You might want to use something like a clothespin to press the finding and cabochon together. Let it dry overnight.

Step 5: Voila, you’re done! Show off your fabulous new jewellery.


Enjoy, and have fun~

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Swatches: A (Tiny) Korean Nail Polish Extravaganza, Part III

Next up in my showcase of my tiny Korean polish collection are TONYMOLY and Peripera!

View Part I and Part II if you want to see some of my Etude House swatches from their Dear My Party, Look at My Candyfloss, and LUCIDarling collections!


TONYMOLY is another major Korean cosmetics brand. Once again, I mostly knew about them from their lotions and cosmetics rather than their nail polish… but they actually makes a ton of really beautiful and unique colours. I had a good experience with this one, so I’ll definitely be picking up more. Their website says that their polishes don’t use harmful chemicals, which I’m interpreting as big-3 free.  Take that as you will!

TONYMOLY Wonder Blue Woman #GS11

Wonder Blue Woman #GS11

TONYMOLY released a matching pair of glitter-filled jelly polishes to commemorate Wonder Woman – one blue and one red. The polish name is not a typo, by the way – it’s really called Wonder Blue Woman instead of Wonder Woman Blue, hehe! Like all TONYMOLY products, this polish comes in attractive and stylish packaging. It’s a short, fat 10mL bottle with a decorative lid. The TONYMOLY logo is embossed on the lid. The brush isn’t anything out of the ordinary, just short to match the short bottle. Lastly, there’s no steel ball in this polish…maybe this is a trend with Korean nail polish? None of my Korean polishes have the mixing ball. I’ll add one later, but it’s annoying since I don’t want my polish getting clumpy!


Left – 1 coat. Right – 2 coats.

This colour is just…awesome. It even looks amazing in the bottle! It’s a translucent blue jelly packed with fine silver glitter and blue and teal hex/round glitter. The blue jelly is quite dark even after two coats, but I prefer to wear jelly polishes with undies. This would look great with a black or deep blue, like OPI Russian Navy or OPI Blue My Mind. The formula on this was nice. It was thick but not goopy, and the glitter spread very evenly across the nail. It seemed to dry a little bit slowly, though. All in all, though, this polish gets a thumbs up.

The best part? This polish cost less than $5!


I really love Peripera because their packaging is painfully cute. Their scented nail polish collection has adorable cat-shaped caps! The colours are mostly pretty girly – pinks, peaches, pastels and brights – but there is a good range of dark colours available. Even though I find pastels a bit overdone, they have a vast selection of really lovely ones. They also have some gorgeous jellies and glitters. Peripera nail polish is really popular in Korea and is considered one of the better brands. I’m not sure if they’re big-3-free though. Their tagline for their polishes is ‘One coat, one minute, one week.’ Let’s see if it holds up!

Peripera Vanilla Mint #GR301


Peripera Vanilla Mint #GR301

Peripera has very nice packaging…noticing a pattern yet? Korean brands are really fond of pretty packaging it seems. The polish comes in cute, fat 13mL bottles. The Peripera logo is stamped on the front in holographic paint. The lid is long and thin, and it’s decorated with curlicues and roses. It’s very pretty, but it’s tricky to store…the handle makes it about 1-2cm taller than your typical bottle. I imagine you’d have similar storage problems with their other funky handle shapes. The long handle is nice for applying the polish though, since I have long fingers. And I love the brush – it’s short, flat, and wide, perfect for applying in 2 or 3 strokes. This is one of the fattest brushes I’ve ever seen, and it’s nice to see it in an inexpensive polish!

Vanilla Mint is a cute sky blue colour with a strong green undertone, perfect for spring and summer. It’s not unique as minty greens and blues are very on trend right now, but I wanted to try a Peripera product. I was a bit shocked at the bottle colour – it’s not quite like the promotional picture I used to order the polish…ah well, the perils of shopping online, right? I think I can blame that on my terrible monitor.


1 coat! Looks good already.

That aside, it’s a very pretty polish. It applied smoothly and evenly with the fat brush. The formula is quite thick and opaque, but not gloopy. They weren’t kidding about ‘one coat’ though I prefer two out of habit. It also dried to a soft shiny finish quickly despite the fairly thick coat I applied. So ‘one minute’ checks out too! I haven’t had it on for very long, so I can’t say much about ‘one week’ yet. Still, I’m sold on the thick formula and drying time alone. My nails rarely chip until day 7-8 anyway, so I’m probably not going to be the best judge of longevity for the average person…

My singular beef with this polish? It smells bizarre. It’s the regular nail polish smell with a weird plastic undertone. Thankfully it’s very brief and dissipates in about a second. I can’t put my finger on it…camphor, maybe? It’s fine when the polish is dry, but use it in a ventilated room.

You can easily pick up their standard polishes for around $5 on Ebay, but some of their more special collections (such as the cat-shaped scented perfume polishes) are a touch more expensive at around $8 and up. Very good buy for the quantity and quality you get.

So…that’s it for now. But I’ll be back soon with another boatload of Korean nail polishes, including some brand new Etude House! So stay tuned~

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