Acrylic Nails: Wonder Woman Inspired Nail Art

Hey everybody! I just wanted to share some nice photos of the acrylic nail set I made a couple of days ago.

I used to be a huge comic book nerd. I still read the occasional comic book, manga, or graphic novel, but I don’t have as much time for it as I used to. Growing up, Wonder Woman was always my favourite superhero since she could hold her own, brawl with the best of them, and still look fabulous.


Wonder Woman is DA BOMB. Even if she never had her nails did.

To make the starred nails, I painted 2 coats of OPI Blue My Mind. Then I used white polish and a fine brush to paint in each star by hand. As you can see, there are some faded spots on the stars because I didn’t wait long enough for them to dry before putting on top coat >_<! Not making that mistake again!

For the studded blue nails, I painted 2 coats of TONYMOLY Wonder Blue Woman over 2 coats of OPI Blue My Mind. TONYMOLY Wonder Blue Woman is a translucent blue jelly filled with teal, silver, and blue glitter. I then glued 3 gold pyramid studs near the base of the nails. You can see the bottle in the background of the picture!

The gradient nails were made with 3 coats of CG Ruby Slippers overlaid with 2 coats of Etude House Golden Bell.  Sooo shiny…I might use these two again for Chinese New Year nails!

Lastly, the striped nails. First, I painted each half of the nail with 3 coats of OPI Blue My Mind and CG Ruby Slippers. Then I used SH Golden-i to paint a gold stripe along the border. I’m going to be using OPI Goldeneye if I do this set again because the SH Golden-i is sooo transparent. I had to paint a bunch of thick layers of it before it was opaque over the blue. OPI Goldeneye is prettier anyway. To finish off, I added 2 stripes of gold striping tape.

All in all, ignoring drying time, these nails probably took me an hour to make, especially cause the stars and SH Golden-i were not cooperating lol.

If you want your own set, they’re available on my Etsy store.

❤ CC


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