Swatches: A (Tiny) Korean Nail Polish Extravaganza, Part II

Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you a few more lovely Etude House polishes.

Click here to read Part I of this series! I’ve given a rundown on Etude House’s lines of nail polishes in terms of quality, selection and price.

Etude House Lemonade #CBE101, #CGR701, #CBL601, #CGR702


Etude House Lemonade #CBE101, #CGR701, #CBL601, #CGR702

1 coat of #CBE101, #CGR701, #CBL601, #CGR702

These colours are from the Look At My Candyfloss collection, which is a set of 10 summery, cheerful creme pastels. Sadly I don’t know the English names of all of the polishes, so they’ll just be serial numbers for now.

CBE101 is a beautiful banana yellow. It applied smoothly and wasn’t at all streaky. It was almost completely opaque in 1 coat, and looked perfect with 2 coats. I’ve never had that happen with a yellow creme before! CGR701 is a very fresh yellowish-green, almost avocado like. I can’t see myself wearing this colour alone, but in combination with other colours I think it’d look lovely. Application was smooth, and it was opaque in 2 coats.CBL601 is a  soft powder blue. It was a little bit less opaque than the other colours, but it applied well and was fully opaque in 2 coats. CGR702 is nearly a dupe of CG For Audrey, but it’s more saturated has a slightly greener tone. For Audrey is bluer and slightly less saturated. I actually like this polish more than For Audrey, since it looks less washed-out on my skintone. Like the others, it applied well and was opaque in 2 coats. The formulas on these polishes was surprisingly good.

I bought all of these from the same Ebay seller, so I dunno if it was a problem with this particular batch or if this collection in general…but the brushes on some of the bottles are crap! The yellow and pale blue brushes were duds. After I started painting, little pieces of the bristles came off and got stuck in the polish. After painting a couple of layers the loose bits stopped coming off, but it still pissed me off and ruined several coats. The green and aqua brushes were ok, so I’m not sure what happened. They did get left in the mailbox for a few hours during a cold snap (-27 deg C!) so that might have damaged the bristles somehow? Still disappointing.

Aside from the messed up brushes, the packaging is well-made as is typical for Etude House. The Etude House logo is embossed on the cap of the brushes, and curliques are embossed on the bottles. They have the standard type of brushes. These are really cheap on Ebay, going for $2-4 each. Probably because the bottles are so small….I think they’re 8mL. Pick them up if you like pastels! Just be wary of dodgy brushes.

Etude House Dazzling Pink #5, Dazzling Purple #6, Dazzling Blue #7


Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails Spangle Collection

LUCIDarling Spangle Swatches

Etude House Dazzling Pink #5, Dazzling Purple #6, Dazzling Blue #7

These 3 are from the LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails Spangle collection. Whew, that title is a mouthful! Etude House really loves their long collection names. Anyway, holy glitterbombs, Batman! The colours aren’t too unusual, but the packaging and huge amounts of sparkle were too much to resist. This collection also has gold and silver versions, but I didn’t pick those up.

The glitter is sparse, so application can be tricky. After 2 coats you get pretty good coverage, though. It applied smoothly and wasn’t goopy or sticky. The clear base dries with a slightly matte finish, but I always use Seche Vite so it wasn’t really an issue for me. Dry time was pretty good. One issue is that there’s a veeeery slight coloured tinge to each polish, which you can see in my swatches. The pink has a pink tinge, the purple has a purple tinge, and the blue has a blue tinge. I’m not sure if that was intentional on their part or if the glitters are bleeding slightly. Only time will tell…I’ve had these for quite some time and the colour hasn’t changed any, so if there’s any bleeding it’s pretty minimal. Still, something to be mindful of.

As usual for Etude House, these polishes are packaged very nicely.  They’re in very cute heart-shaped bottles with long caps. Brushes are your standard type, not extra wide or anything like that. The collection name is silk-screened on the front of the bottles instead of embossed like most of their polishes. I think they’re 15mL, which is bigger than usual for this brand! You can easily find them individually on Ebay for about $7-8 each, but I’ve seen sets of 3-5 for $12-16. $7 each is more than I’d pay for these.

That’s it for now – I’ll be back soon with more from the exciting world of Korean nail polish. Thanks for reading!

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